Brick's EVE


My name is Brick Walls, I am a member of the corporation SQUIDS. and I fight on the side of the Caldari in the Faction Warfare.

By no means am I the most experienced pilot around, I might even say that I am amongst the youngest pilots actively fighting in the warzone. However, I have always excelled in the ability to absorb knowledge and then share it to those who need it. Because of this and the positive feedback from some people whom with I shared my intentions, I am now opening my own blog.

This Blog will focus on simple things, but with everything explained in detail. I don't wish to just point to a thing and say this is how it is. I want to explain why i think it is like that and what other options there would be. And if I find myself wrong on some things, I will correct it.

So if you want to learn something new, get a fresh perspective of things or just lurk out some of my favorite fits, stick around and enjoy!